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The Art of Piano Tuning

There is no one tuning that fits all pianos. Each piano must be custom tuned to sound its best. The skill of a tuner improves with each piano he tunes.

You can trust Bruce Kendall to bring out the best in your piano. His experience tuning thousands of pianos, many just like yours, is invaluable not only in creating the perfect tuning but in skillfully adjusting the tuning pins and string tension so it will continue to hold its tune for as long as possible.

Why an experienced tuner?

Probably right now! - If it has been over one year since your last tuning.


Most pianos require tuning at least once or twice a year. A basic tuning is usually all that is needed when tuned yearly.

A pitch adjustment (additional charge) is usually required when the piano has not been tuned regularly. Also, a second tuning in 4 - 6 months after a pitch adjustment will be needed.

"How often should a piano be tuned?"

Get a free estimate for precise piano tuning today!


If your piano requires additional repairs beyond standard tuning, worry not: Bruce guarantees all repairs for as long as you own your piano.

Whether a piano is played or not, it will go out of tune each year. The longer you wait, the more stress on the piano when you do tune it and the more tunings it will take before the pitch stabilizes.


If your piano drops out of tune gradually, you may not notice the change right away.You may simply learn to "live with the sound" until one day you sit down to play and finally realize your piano really needs tuning.   Don't rob yourself of the stunning tone you deserve to hear from a finely-tuned instrument.

"Do I need to tune a piano that is not being played?"

If you are planning to move the piano to a new location where humidity levels may be different , make sure to wait three weeks before having it tuned. It is not the actual move but the change in humidity that affects the tuning.


Depend on a professional technician to maintain the premium sound quality and performance of your piano. You'll love the results!