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Piano maintenance and care

Regular servicing of your piano will add years to the useful life of your piano as well as years of added enjoyment. Let Bruce Kendall Piano Technician utilize his over 4 decades of experience to produce the best sound and tone from your acoustic piano. Rest assured that every repair is guaranteed for as long as you own your piano.  

"How often is maintenance required?"

Every piano responds differently to changes in humidity. If your piano frequently falls out of tune with the seasons or experiences sluggish keys at certain times of the year, it is responding to dryness or excess humidity.


Bruce can help preserve and protect your piano with the installation of a humidity control system, that will also reduce the need for re-tuning.

Humidity may be your piano's enemy

It starts with a free estimate! Call Bruce:


With over 40 years of experience, Bruce Kendall provides knowledgeable, quality piano maintenance and repair services.

Bruce maintains pianos for homeowners, studios, schools, and churches. No matter the make, model, age or value of your instrument, Bruce Kendall will be able to make the repairs.


Bruce will perform a detailed inspection of your piano and identify the components needing repair or replacement. He'll explain why your instrument is not holding a tune, or why your keys are not working correctly.


He'll carefully inspect the soundboard, pinblock, and bridges for structural soundness. You'll be told which repairs are needed immediately - and which fixes can be put off for later. Rely on the pro technician piano teachers enlist for services!

Lifetime-warranted repairs

Installation of a climate control system will help stabilize your piano's tuning while protecting your piano from possible bridge and soundboard cracking in the future. You will save money in the long term by avoiding these expensive repairs and extra-tunings needed each year. Call Bruce Kendall Piano Technician for more information.